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Project log: Cyclone PCB factory – part 1

Yesterday I have started building Cyclone PCB factory, a small PCB cnc machine with 3D printed parts. I have browsed a bit trough my parts stock at home that I have after lot of building and rebuilding of different kind of 3d printers and found that I almost have everything needed and everything that I don’t have is ordered from Aliexpress so I’ll write updates as the project goes.

Parts that I have right now:

  • Ramps and Arduino mega
  • stepper motor drivers
  • 1 NEMA 17 motor
  • threaded rods
  • B608ZZ bearings
  • washers, nuts and screws
  • power supply that can deliver 12V
  • 3d printer to print out parts

I have ordered from China following:

  • NEMA17 motors, I bought 5 pack as it was cheaper and I will always find some use case for them 🙂
  • better stepper drivers, DRV8825
  • LM8UU bearings
  • smooth rods that I will cut to the right size

So far few of the parts are printed and the rest is currently printing. It takes some time to print everything, but time I have as I’m not in hurry with this project.

The goal here is to have small CNC machine for doing my own PCBs, both single and dual layer and to learn a lot in process.

Here are few images of the first parts print, done on Velleman K8400 or Vertex 3D printer.

Quite happy with quality and how I calibrated it. Layer height 0.2mm, infill 40%.



  1. Federico

    have you finish the project?

    • amar

      Not yet. I’m done with printing and got almost all parts. I will put post with progress so far. Hard to find time to complete it.

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