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Project log: Fumes extractor

As I had few old server fans available I decided to make fumes extractor from them in custom 3d printed case. I started with measuring of dimensions that fans had and started Fusion360 to draw a case.

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Project log: Cyclone PCB factory – part 2

Small update on this project which is on shelf for the moment, no time to complete it whatsoever.

All parts have been printed, and I’m happy with quality of output.

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Project log: Cyclone PCB factory – part 1

Yesterday I have started building Cyclone PCB factory, a small PCB cnc machine with 3D printed parts. I have browsed a bit trough my parts stock at home that I have after lot of building and rebuilding of different kind of 3d printers and found that I almost have everything needed and everything that I don’t have is ordered from Aliexpress so I’ll write updates as the project goes.

Parts that I have right now:

  • Ramps and Arduino mega
  • stepper motor drivers
  • 1 NEMA 17 motor
  • threaded rods
  • B608ZZ bearings
  • washers, nuts and screws
  • power supply that can deliver 12V
  • 3d printer to print out parts

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